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shirleyosmans May 2 '16
So many of us have dreamed of becoming writers but we're afraid. Most of us dream of the possibility but never take any action. Have you wondered why? I have. I think somewhere in our grade school or high school years an English teacher scared us into hiding away from maythirdblogmix our desire to write.

You know writing is a form of art and to do any kind of art is to expose your inner most self. If we put our innermost , tender self down in the form of words on a page and then we get criticized or made fun of for what we wrote...that's enough to send anybody underground.

That's what happened to me and it took me years to return to my number one passion in life - writing! And so I began by taking tentative steps. Mostly I journaled. It was a way to write privately without any fear of being criticized. As long as I kept my journals hidden away so 0x0000007e Mup Sys nobody would accidentally come upon them and read them...I was safe.

But eventually all that journaling made me strong enough to want to do more writing. I wanted to get my words out before throngs of potential readers. I'd like to Distributing Keys say I had the nerve to call our local newspaper to see if they would be interested in any freelance articles. Actually my husband did it for me. And great news.....they did indeed need freelance articles.

I bet I worked on my first article for three days straight and got $65 for it including photographs! Yes I know that amounted 0x0000007e Tcpip to zero profit given the amount of time I put Altadrine unlocks your body's secret to natural weight loss AD007ART into the article but I had stepped over a new threshold, one that gave me some trust in my ability to Add Laptop Memory write. I Importance and Benefits of Wedding Vehicle admit that I worried constantly about whether I was good enough to write seeing I didn't have any formal writing classes under my belt. And then someone told me, "Just write like you talk." And that's what I fell back on every time I started to doubt my ability to write.

Getting my first article printed in the newspaper was Hp Laserjet 2100 Troubleshoot a fantastic experience. One that in time led me to the internet where I discovered that if you can indeed write like you talk you can snap up freelance writing jobs. Enough jobs to make a fulltime living in fact. Now I'm not saying its been easy but it has been rewarding. And with every writing project I complete and get paid for I marvel over the fact that I'm a self-supporting freelance writer.

If you've been afraid to return to your first love - writing, try to Small Business Loan Lenders Standing by at UnsecuredBizLoan.com push through your fear. Start like I 0x64microsoft did, write like you talk even if it means you speak your article into a recorder and then transcribe your words onto the computer screen. If you are passionate about a career in writing, a world of freelance writing jobs await The beneficial Influence of Being Involved in your Child's Education you on the internet.