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caicai2017 Dec 6
Jason isn’t saying anything, [url=http://www.roberttrinick.co.uk/...x-95-womens-c-62_63/]Nike Air Max 95 Womens[/url] but he’s nodding along slowly, nervously. This is a tough conversation. [url=http://www.fizelson.fr/Nike-Air-Max-95-Femme-c-40.html]Nike Air Max 95 Femme[/url] My dad keeps his eyes on Jason and continues.
“And that leaves North Carolina, and, son — you have North Carolina on there because that’s where you’ve always wanted to go. That’s the school you have on here because of you. And I want you to listen to me closely, because this is important: You are a great player. And the coach in me would love to coach you. But the father in me? The father in me knows that North Carolina is the best place for you to go.”
I’ve never seen as much relief, and love,[url=http://www.roberttrinick.co.uk/...ax-1-womens-c-39_40/]Nike Air Max 1 Womens[/url]  and gratitude on a person’s face, as I [url=http://www.lemontlaur.fr/...0-femme-rose-c-1_68/]Nike Air Max 90 Femme Rose[/url]see on Jason’s face in that moment. Jason and I have spent our entire childhoods idolizing our dad, and rooting for him to succeed as a coach. We’ve been there [url=http://www.willtaylars.co.uk/...x-95-womens-c-53_55/]Nike Air Max 95 Womens[/url] for every firing and every hiring, every win and every loss. And I [url=http://www.lemontlaur.fr/...max-90-homme-c-3_70/]Nike Air Max 90 Homme[/url] can tell how conflicted Jason is — how badly he wants to go to North [url=http://www.egbertvanwijk.nl/...Thea-Dames-c-52.html]Nike Air Max Thea Dames[/url] Carolina, and fulfill his lifelong dream … but at the same time … how badly he wants to help fulfill my dad’s dreams, and give him the professional triumph that would come with landing a top five recruit. If my dad tells him to go to Old Dominion, that day in my apartment, then there’s not a doubt in my mind: He goes.
And so when my dad not only gives his blessing, but actually encourages Jason to play for UNC, well: I can see the weight lift right off of my brother’s shoulders in real time. He knows how lucky he is, to have our dad as his dad. In that [url=http://www.willtaylars.co.uk/...2017-womens-c-50_52/]Nike Air Max 2017 Womens[/url] moment, more than ever, we both do.
We [url=http://www.fizelson.fr/...ir-et-Rose-c-34.html]Nike Air Max 90 Femme Noir et Rose[/url] finish packing up my stuff, and I drive the U-Haul home alone. Jason heads in the other direction, to Chapel [url=http://www.anthonytouma.fr/...5-Homme-c-33_44.html]Asics Gel Lyte 5 Homme[/url] Hill — where he commits to play basketball for North Carolina, [url=http://www.fizelson.fr/Nike-Roshe-Run-Femme-c-78.html]Nike Roshe Run Femme[/url] that very same day.
My dad comes with him.