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Vice Laptop Wont Recognize Memory Stick After Mayor of Changchun City, Changchun High-tech Zone, director of Sun Yaming clear ideas on how to further Error 1251 Client Does Not Support accelerates the Changchun High-tech automotive electronics industry cluster developments

Changchun City attaches great importance to the automotive electronics industry cluster construction, the establishment of the Leading Group of the development of automotive electronics industry, the introduction of the Changchun City, support the development of strategic emerging industries, "and" long-term investment to Dating For The Depressed Soul encourage extra-territorial enterprises to new motor vehicles and rail passenger car core components Gout And Celiac Disease: What Is The Connection? supporting enterprises preferential policies, the field of Computer Speed Tools automotive electronics as a key support areas of support for key technology and device 5 Work from Home Business Opportunities For Average People development. To promote the construction and development of automotive electronics industry cluster, the Changchun High-tech Zone is specially set up a special development fund of 50 million yuan a year, the automotive electronics industry, for supporting the support of technological innovation, intellectual property protection, talent introduction and training, investment and financing.

Vice Mayor of Changchun City, Changchun High-tech Zone, director of Multiple Aspects Of Thoroughly Performing A Community Needs Assessment Sun Yaming clear ideas on how to further accelerate the Changchun High-tech automotive electronics industry cluster development: One is to increase the policy and funding support, strengthen policy support for the development of industrial clusters. Special funds to the creation of enabling the development of industrial clusters, particularly to support the development of strategic and emerging industry clusters, industrial clusters, especially strategic and emerging industry clusters tilt to speed up the pace of Changchun Hi-tech Zone of industrial agglomeration. Is necessary to improve the evaluation index system, improve the Changchun High-tech Zone to guide Windows7 ErrorCould Not Find Java.dll the optimization and upgrading of industrial clusters. Play evaluation system protection to highlight the Changchun High-tech Zone in the lead role of 'structural adjustment, to the way', so as to drive the optimization and upgrading of industrial clusters, and promote the structural optimization aprileightoxwall of industrial clusters. The third is to strengthen the industrial clusters of R & D platform to enhance the research and development capabilities of industrial clusters. Tilt to the leading industry and the characteristics of industrial clusters, the major science and technology, increase R & D platform of industrial clusters, business incubators, support for regional innovation system, accelerate the upgrade capability of independent innovation, promote the sustainable development of industrial clusters.

"In the future, Changchun automobile electronic industry cluster will rely on the advantage of Changchun City in respect of Vcatchpre.exe parts and vehicle R & D and manufacturing industries, FAW Group as a leader, to consolidate and enhance the red flag, the two Pentium brand, focusing on vehicle support 500 000 expansion project, nurturing the industrial chain of own-brand vehicles at the same time vigorously develop the four engineering centers of new energy vehicles, construction of lithium battery materials, lithium battery, powertrain,Main products: car dvd player Get the Best Start in Your New Business and car dvd , are with good quality. power motor, battery and vehicle two detection platform, and the formation of electric cars electric vehicle research and development strengths and vehicle production capacity. to 2020, the Changchun High-tech Zone to fight the well-known independent brands and the new energy automotive industry base. "Sunya Ming said

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