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WR Lucky Whitehead glad he didn't make it to same club as Aqib Talib

cheap NFL Jerseys Cowboys wide receiver Lucky Whitehead's 24th birthday celebration Saturday night was supposed to include a stop at the V Live nightclub in Dallas.

Whitehead changed his plans, and he's grateful he did; the club was the scene of a shooting early Sunday morning that is reportedly connected to the gunshot wound suffered by Denver Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib. Wholesale New York Jets Jerseys

"I'm glad [Talib's] OK and hoping for a speedy recovery. But big time, I'm glad I didn't make it there," Whitehead said, according to the Dallas Morning News. "Definitely that whole thing -- nothing good happens after [midnight]. Definitely something you know you put in the back of your head. When I heard about it, I was definitely happy I never made it back over there."

Wholesale NFL Jerseys Whitehead said he and a few teammates celebrated at a different club, and that he drove by V Live on his way home and saw "all the cops and stuff outside."

New York Jets Jerseys Police and the NFL are still investigating the circumstances that led to the gunshot wound to Talib's right leg. The Broncos have said Talib did not require surgery and that the injury is not expected to affect him this season.

Joe Flacco again proves he's the NFL's everyman quarterback

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco made quite an impression Monday when he nonchalantly walked into a flag football camp in a suburban park and surprised about 100 screaming kids.

"I have a picture of you in my room," one boy said to Flacco.

"You look taller than you do on Madden," another said.

Flacco threw the ball and handed it off in drills for nearly an hour. He chatted with the kids about their favorite players and jokingly trash talked those whose favorite team wasn't the Ravens. He then gave out passes to attend training camp. cheap NFL Jerseys

"It's always fun dealing with kids," Flacco said. "You can remember back when you were out there running around and playing with your buddies. Now, I have [three] young ones myself. You can just see how jacked up they get when they see a football and get to compete with one another."

Chicago Bears Jerseys This is the latest example of why Flacco is the NFL's everyman quarterback. He has remained grounded even as his salary has soared.

Wholesale NFL Jerseys Flacco famously went to McDonald's in 2013 after he signed his record-setting $120.6 million contract and then stopped by Dunkin' Donuts four months ago after receiving a then-record $40 million signing bonus. Before a playoff game in Pittsburgh two seasons ago, Flacco left a $150 tip on a $208 dinner bill. Last summer, after the Ravens finished their joint practices in Philadelphia, Flacco hopped on a train to get back to his New Jersey home rather than getting a limo ride back.

To be fair, Monday's drop-in on the football camp was partly a marketing opportunity. After being named the official spokesman for M&T Bank, Flacco wore a bright green jersey that had the bank's name across the front while cameras followed him all over the field.

Wholesale Chicago Bears Jerseys But, to Flacco's credit, it didn't feel like a corporate obligation. He made sure everyone caught a pass from him and told them to get back in line if they happened to drop one. He coached them on keeping their heads looking straight ahead when taking a handoff. He even went to an adjacent field to take pictures with lacrosse players who waited for him after the football camp.

There was a limit to Flacco's give-and-take with the football players, though. One asked Flacco if he could Dab.

"Nah, that's not my thing," Flacco said with a smile.

Flacco wasn't going to attempt to be Cam Newton. It's important to Flacco that he remains the same quarterback and person he's always been.