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<p>I&rsquo;ve identified 12 deals of four or more years given to relievers since 2000 but before this winter. In the past three weeks, teams have already handed out three more, to Chapman, Mark Melancon and Brett Cecil, with Kenley Jansen still unsigned. The track record of long-term deals for relievers is terrible, yet MLB teams are acting like a bunch of goldfish, so when some or all of these deals go south, please remind them that the little plastic castle was always there.</p>

<p>— Jesse Rogers (@ESPNChiCubs) December 7, 2016</p>

<p>Charter member of FSWA Hall of Fame</p><p>As for the Nationals, Turner is going to be a second- or third-round pick regardless of position, but it is nice knowing he&rsquo;ll add shortstop eligibility once he plays his 10th game of 2017. For now, he&rsquo;s eligible at second base and outfield. Assuming the lineup goes Eaton-Turner, their on-base abilities obviously aid the RBI projections for Murphy and Harper. With Harper, there's a clear difference in how he's viewed. First-round pick or avoid at all costs? I'm not avoiding Harper.</p><p>— Buster Olney (@Buster_ESPN) December 5, 2016</p><p>— Jerry Crasnick (@jcrasnick) December 7, 2016</p><p>WAR SO FAR: Cubs 27.3, Red Sox 23.6</p>cheap hockey jerseys<p>Jim Bowden's take: The Texas Rangers are the team to watch on Edwin Encarnacion, as team president Jon Daniels is always opportunistic during market changes, as he was last July, when the Indians' deal with Jonathan Lucroy fell apart, and he swooped in to land him. The Indians are also a sleeper team if the market falls further. Encarnacion's smartest option might be to do what Yoenis Cespedes did last year -- take a three-year deal with an opt out after Year 1, so he can go back on the market next offseason.</p><p>The trade really comes down to the multiple years of control with Soler versus the one year for Davis. If you&rsquo;re a Cubs fan, ask yourself this: Who&rsquo;s likely to have a bigger impact on the team in 2017 -- a part-time outfielder or the closer on the reigning world champions? We know Davis is going to see a lot of action; we can&rsquo;t say the same about Soler, who simply was passed up by Kyle Schwarber and Albert Almora Jr.</p><p>Davis is the only pitcher in MLB history to have multiple seasons with at least 50 innings pitched and an ERA of 1.00 or lower. He accomplished that in 2014 and 2015.</p>wholesale football jerseys<p>Been with ESPN.com since 1995FacebookTwitterPinterestEmailprintcommentAfter the Boston Red Sox acquired Chris Sale on Tuesday, the consensus on Twitter, on TV and from my neighbor is that they are now the team to beat in the American League. You can argue about not giving the Cleveland Indians enough respect, but for now, let's have a little fun and compare the Red Sox to the world champion Chicago Cubs, position by position, with projected WAR numbers for 2017 via the Steamer projection system listed at FanGraphs.</p><p>C Tony Wolters/Tom Murphy</p><p>Given mutual interest between Trumbo and the Orioles, they're meeting again today to try to work out differences.</p><p>— Mark Saxon (@markasaxon) December 6, 2016</p><p>Become an insider and get access to all our articles and tools.</p>

<p>Eddie Matz's take: The Nats finally joined the winter meetings party by acquiring Adam Eaton, but the cover charge sure was steep: two first-round pitchers (Lucas Giolito and Dane Dunning) and a top-50 prospect who throws high-90s cheese (Reynaldo Lopez). I guess they really wanted to move Trea Turner back to shortstop.</p><p>With Chris Sale off the board, Rays now on clock. Astros, Nationals both interested after missing on Sale. But Rays show no sense of urgency</p><p>CF Charlie Blackmon</p><p>Mark Saxon's take: Marlins manager Don Mattingly saw Jansen grow from a converted minor league catcher into one of the most dominant relief pitchers in baseball in their time together on the Dodgers, so it's natural that Mattingly would push hard for a reunion in Miami. But the Marlins might have been fighting an uphill battle all along, considering the Yankees have made little secret of their desire to sign one of the top closers and the Nationals lost Mark Melancon and are still in need of a major splash. Also, you can never count out the Dodgers to swoop in and offer the most attractive contract.</p>cheap NFL jerseys<p></p><p>White Sox get a big haul from BOS -- and it's a step down for what they asked for in July, which included Betts and Benintendi.</p><p>As it turns out, the dalliance was short-lived. The Mariners did, indeed, check in on Trumbo, but at the moment, they're planning to stand pat and go with a Danny Valencia-Dan Vogelbach platoon at first base. Fellow free agents Mike Napoli and Chris Carter aren't on Seattle's radar, either. Barring a shift in direction, the Mariners will devote the bulk of their energy to improving the starting rotation.</p><p>Wrote for Baseball ProspectusFollow on TwitterFacebookTwitterPinterestEmailcommentThe Yankees&rsquo; record-setting, five-year, $86 million deal with Aroldis Chapman might never hurt the Bombers financially, given their massive revenues, but it&rsquo;s highly unlikely to work out for them on the field, given the unhappy track record of long-term contracts for relievers, and it&rsquo;s a reprehensible signing, given what they know about Chapman&rsquo;s character and actions.</p>

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<p>Then came Figaro’s ill-timed gamble. On the Nittany Lions’ first play of the second half, following a missed Wisconsin field goal, McSorley threw what appeared to be something out of the Macy’s parade downfield and, somehow, he found Blacknall, wandering amidst the Badgers defensive backs, all of whom seemed to be listening to music nobody else could hear. The ball fell into Blacknall’s arms, and he scored to get Penn State to within a touchdown at 28–21.</p>

<p>I think the committee did. By the eye test, these are the four best teams in the game this season. I'm not buying the argument for Penn State for several reasons: one, because conferences and divisions have mostly ceased to be anything more than television revenue structures, and two, because it lost to Michigan by 39 points, much less to Pitt.&nbsp;</p>cheapujerseys

<p>Roundtable: Did the College Football Playoff committee get it right?</p>

<p>5. West Virginia coach Dana Holgorsen, who turned down a contract extension after last season because it might have cost him money if he got fired after this one, agreed to a new five-year deal Saturday after finishing a 10–2 season with a 24–21 win against Baylor. The five-year deal will give Holgorsen a raise to $3.5 million from $2.9 million. If he reaches the end of the deal, he’ll make $4 million a year. Unlike Holgorsen’s last deal, this one is not fully guaranteed. According to Allan Taylor of West Virginia MetroNews, West Virginia would owe Holgorsen more than $11 million if it fired him next year. That buyout drops into the $6 million range in the third year.</p>

<p>There were a few more of these, too, particularly from DaeSean Hamilton who, on the drive that resulted in what would be the game-winning touchdown, saved the drive. Hamilton made one ludicrous catch over a defender along the sidelines and then caught a 25-yarder from McSorley while being held by Badgers cornerback Derrick Tindal. I’m sure these plays were drawn up in detail by the Penn State staff but, out on the field, they looked very much like things out of a Madden game that had been gnawed at by squirrels.</p>

<p>Joe Robbins/Getty Images</p>


<p>College Football</p>

<p>So, nothing here about “healing.” Until all the victims heal, I don’t care if the institution does. There will be nothing here about “overcoming adversity” or “getting beyond the tragedy.” Until the victims do either one, I don’t care if the institution does. There was nothing here but a helluva football game from two teams just out of the brightest spotlight at the right time of the year. That’s enough for the end of a long night. That’s enough for now.</p>

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<p>The committee absolutely got it right. A lot of the Penn State push on Saturday night and Sunday felt contrived. The committee would have had to undermine their own credibility of ranking Washington where they did all season to unseat them. That's especially true considering the tenor and magnitude of their victory over Colorado in the Pac-12 title game. Alabama is clearly the best team. Clemson got rewarded for winning the ACC, the second-best conference, and only having one loss. Ohio State earned a spot by virtue of winning at Oklahoma and Wisconsin and also beating Michigan and Nebraska. Two-loss Penn State remains haunted by the manner in which they lost to Michigan and the out-of-conference loss to Pitt. There's an argument for Penn State, but it was a forced one.</p>Wholesale Dallas Cowboys Jerseys

<p>For reasons too familiar to elaborate here, Penn State and its football team have spent the last five years under a deep, dark cloud of its own manufacture. Jerry Sandusky was a sexual predator and, as institutions, Penn State and Penn State football enabled him in his crimes. That is the verdict of history and it is not disputable, despite the best efforts of one of America’s most fervent fan bases to induce historical amnesia and declare itself, with consummate hubris, the real victim in the situation.</p>

<p>The game ended, after Penn State had stuffed Wisconsin on a fourth-and-one at its own 24-yard line, with McSorley running out the final seconds of the game and looking for a place to fall down so he could get up a champion. “Those last three seconds,” McSorley said, “felt like they took forever.”</p>


<p>But as the season stretches forward, West Virginia ought to be able to count on the lasting effects of one thing: its press.</p>

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<p>"They didn't make mistakes and we did," he said.</p>

<p>McCarty has played point guard before, but Rodrigo really carried the emotional weight as team leader last year. McCarty uses her height as a bit of fuel. At 5-4, she heard the "too small" comments at times before she got to college, but didn't let them discourage her. Just the opposite, in fact.</p>

<p>Around the Rim with LaChina RobinsonTexas coach Karen Aston talks about her success in recruiting, putting together her coaching staff, the chemistry built among the players,  the Longhorns' nonconference schedule and more. Listen »</p>wholesale NFL jerseys,


<p>"We have a lot of young players who need to grow up fast for our team to be successful. And I think it's the best way for them to grow up, even though it is painful and not fun. For them to realize: 'This is what competition on every possession looks like.'"</p>wholesale jerseys,

<p>He returns to a department whose centerpiece is Steve Fisher's basketball program, and whose football program is on the rise under Rocky Long.</p>

<p>"I feel like we're kind of a confidence-booster for our posts," McCarty said of the guard corps. "They can learn off of us, and we can help build them up."</p>

<p>Two of his players, Milton Earls and Jordan Brooks, are from the San Diego suburb of Chula Vista.</p>

<p>Suddenly, the Toreros were tightening their chinstraps.</p>

<p>Aston doesn't avoid what she calls the elephant in the room: Baylor's dominance in the Big 12 the past several years. Texas' last win against the Lady Bears was in 2010. Texas has lost 14 in a row to Baylor; Aston is 0-10 against the Lady Bears since taking over in the 2012-13 season.</p>wholesale jerseys

<p>Cannizaro was an All-American in college at Tulane and briefly played in the big leagues with the New York Yankees in 2006 and Tampa Bay Rays in 2008. He was a scout for six years with the Yankees before going to LSU.</p>

<p>"We were kind of iffy about it at first, because it was playing football in another country, but when we went out there to visit, we had a blast," Earls said. "They offered us full-ride scholarships the same day we went out."</p>

<p>"I will take this opportunity to address this document from 2012 with my current athletes," he said. "I hope their seeing how offensive and hurtful this is will be a valuable lesson for everyone involved with this program."</p>

<p>Hamblin said the men's and women's teams now share a strong rapport founded on respect and support for one another.</p>

<p>It's OK to have a mixture of both, but best not to scrimp on the latter, tempting as that might be at times.</p>

<p>Oct 24, 2016Associated Press FacebookTwitterPinterestEmailprintcommentSAN DIEGO -- John David Wicker has returned to San Diego State as the school's athletic director, saying his top priority will be to deal with either building a new football stadium or getting a better deal if the Aztecs are to share a new stadium with the NFL's Chargers.</p>

<p>University officials said they didn't know about the document until this week. They described it as offensive and unacceptable.</p>

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<p>"We are tired, but I'll say we were tired from losing close games," Andric said. "We're not tired anymore. We're ready for tomorrow."</p>wholesale nfl jerseys,


<p>• The surprising winners from 2017 recruiting so far</p>

<p>That dedication is helping Crean establish a culture of continuity at Indiana. There are only a small handful of programs who can recruit one-and-dones fast enough to be able to replace departed lottery picks. Crean's program is falling into a pattern of equally successful schools like Michigan State, Syracuse and Villanova, which sign occasional McDonald's All-Americans and then surround them with second-tier recruits who stay, improve and learn how to win. When Crean took over at Indiana eight years ago, the program was in dire straits, so it has taken him a while get to this place. But here he is.</p>

<p>The Bruins weren't going to let their NCAA title defense go quietly. Goals by Ryder Roberts, Alex Roelse and Warren Snyder evened the score at 7 and Chancellor Ramirez added his own to move UCLA into the lead with 3:57 left in the period.</p>cheap nfl jerseys China,<p>&nbsp;</p><p>The Bruins followed with a 9-2 run to open the second half for a 58-47 lead and kept their poise throughout with another team-wide effort that included 18 assists, six off their season average.</p><p>''I don't think there was anything about them today that was a feeling-out process,'' said UCLA coach Steve Alford, whose team regained the lead for good late in the first half. ''We talk about, `Don't go in and jab around the ring to see if you belong. You're 8-0. You're playing well. Trust that you belong.' That was the key thing that guys did from the tip.''</p>cheap nfl jerseys<p>“It is important to remember my first year here when I was an assistant, we finished ninth in the Big East,” noted Holtmann. “My second year, when I was the interim head coach, we finished second in the Big East with kids mostly recruited to play in the Horizon League.</p><p>---</p><p>Ranked second by the AP and third by the Playoff committee, the Buckeyes will take on Clemson in a national semifinal . Ohio State is the first team in the playoff's three-year history to be included despite failing to win its conference.</p>cheap football jerseys<p>UCLA: The key point for the Bruins came seconds before halftime when Ball's 3-pointer provided a 49-45 lead to cap a 58 percent shooting half. ''I had the shot and I took it,'' said the freshman, who finished just 2 of 8 from long range and 5 of 12 overall. ''Coach Alford says to never hesitate. I wasn't hitting the whole game, but in the big moments I'm going to come through. I put it up and it went in. It was a good shot and a good way to go into halftime.''</p>

<p>“I am very happy with what my staff has been able to do ever since we got a full staff when I was named the full-time head coach,” said Holtmann. “We have a very talented class coming in, and my staff deserves a ton of credit for that. They identified the right guys, and we were able to land some very good players.”</p><p>"I'd be honored to face that team again," LSU coach Les Miles said after the victory over the Crimson Tide.</p>

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