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Over the course of the last few weeks, there have been two ten day long races in Path of Exile, Turmoil and Mayhem. If you want to go for a Demi of your own, here are some tips for racing in Path of Exile that should help.

1. Plan around your limits

This is easily the most important tip. If you’re going to attempt to get a Demi, you’re going to have to put in a lot of hours. If you have other commitments during the time period, or can’t play extensively because of your work schedule, you’re going to be hard pressed to win. Not to say it’s impossible, but it will be very difficult. There’s nothing worse than coming sixth place and just missing a Demi simply because you couldn’t put in enough hours.

If you plan to go for a Demi but either can’t or don’t want to play 24/7, don’t play Softcore. The top five players from every class in each league get Demis. The Softcore Path of Exile races don’t have permadeath, and as a result, they’re a total grindfest. The people who can grind the most will win every single time. I knew I wouldn’t be able to commit to that amount of play time, so I chose the Hardcore leagues instead.

2. Teams always have the advantage

This is a fact. If you are going to compete in either Softcore or normal Hardcore, you will need a team, or you automatically lose the top few slots of each class. A team typically consists of four players—two damage dealers, one providing auras, and another player cursing the enemies. A team of four will progress at speeds much faster than any solo player ever could.

3. Slow and steady wins the race

While you was competing, you watched the leaderboards like a hawk. There were often players who were making more experience than your per hour, and who sometimes even passed your. Do not panic or try and farm more difficult content. You stayed in areas where I was confident that you wouldn’t die. Every single player who gunned past your ended up dying, and slowly but surely, you made youself way up the ladder.

4. Money doesn’t matter

If you want to go for a Demi, you have to acknowledge right off the bat that money isn’t important. Whether your race is voided or not, spend everything you have on faster progression. When I finally died at level 94 in Mayhem, You can made a new character. You had built up 800 Chaos Orbs at this point, and you can bought the best items on the market in order to gear yourself up. you can buy a single ring for 200 POE Chaos orbs, and it made things mildly easier.

5. Embrace the “one more map” mindset

Running maps all day is boring. Not everyone can be like Ziziran and play for 16 hours a day every day. After three or four days of playing Path of Exile for 16+ hours a day.

If you’re serious about winning a race in Path of Exile, you need to get into the mindset of playing just “one more map.” And after you finish it, run one more map. Set up a movie or a music playlist that gets you into the groove, and just keep going. Make it second nature to open the next map as soon as you exit, so that you have to keep grinding.

6. Don’t Be Discouraged

It’s not the end of the world if you die or don’t get a Demi. You can learned from yourself mistakes.

Everyone’s Path of Exile racing experience is different, but if you do your research, stay patient, and don’t do anything too risky, you can win a Demi of your own. More information about path of exile news, you can click here.

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