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EA Sports has released a new update for FIFA 18. According to the release notes, this patch fixes a CPU AI take advantage of that allowed players to beat the computer on higher difficulty levels in FUT Squad Battles.

As such, this patch removes the chance for the CPU AI controlled player to receive a second yellow card when trying to push or pull an opponent. However , if an attacker is through on goal and 1 on 1 with the keeper, buy fifa 18 coins,the CPU will receive a second yellow card. Moreover, this fix has no impact on human controlled players.

In order to better explain this particular change, EA Sports has provided some additional context around how the CPU team plays the game. As EA claimed, the PROCESSOR plays the game as players would, limited by the same input restrictions as a human gamer is. As such, the actual CPU team has an active player, just like players do, called the CPU AI controlled player. Due to the manipulate, that CPU AI controlled player was receiving a yellow cards when it was attempting to push or draw an opponent.

EA’s Origin will auto-download this update the next time you launch its client. Below you can find its complete changelog.

Made the following change in Gameplay:

Removed the chance for the CPU AJE controlled player to receive a second yellow credit card when trying to push or pull an opponent, with the exception of a good attacker who is through on goal and 1 on 1 with the keeper.

This has no impact on human being controlled players.

To better explain this change we wanted to provide some additional context around how the CPU team plays the game.

The CPU plays the game as you would, restricted to the same input limitations as a human participant is.

This means that the particular CPU team comes with an active player, just like you do, which we call the CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT AI controlled person.

A CPU AJAI controlled player exists in the following circumstances:

On a team with no human players.

For example , the CPU managed team in Squad Battles.

On a group with human gamers who are all locked to specific participants, that also has COMPUTER teammates.

For example , a Pro Clubs team, with less than 11 individual players, with no ANY player.

On a crew with no human people.

For example , the PC controlled team in Squad Battles.

Like the CPU manipulated team in Team Battles.

On a staff with human members who are all secured to specific competitors, cheap fifa 18 coins,that also has CPU teammates.

For example , a professional Clubs team, along with less than 11 man players, with no ANY KIND OF player.

For example , an expert Clubs team, together with less than 11 people players, with no VIRTUALLY ANY player.

A PROCESSOR AI controlled guitar player does not exist in the following circumstances:

On a team with individuals players who are not locked to specific players.

For example , the team in FUT Champions.

On a workforce with human online players who are not closed to specific game enthusiasts.

For example , a party in FUT Champions.

For example , a squad in FUT Champs.



Two up front with Robert Lewandowski and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang? If you want to build the best possible Bundesliga team in FIFA 18, then these attackers must be at the top of your priority list.

As the highest rated Bundesliga player in FIFA 18, cheap fut 18 coins,Robert Lewandowski is a high commodity for fans of both our league and the game. The most complete striker in the world’s incredible ability across the board is represented perfectly by his stats in the game:

Lewandowski statistics: 81 Pace, 88 Shooting, 75 Passing, 86 Dribbling, 38 Defending, 82 Physical.

For speed demon Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, pace is most certainly the scare factor in both the virtual and real worlds. Couple that with his strong finishing attributes and strength using both feet with a four-star weak foot rating and you have a perfect striker with regard to FIFA 18.

Aubameyang stats: 96 Pace, 84 Shooting, 75 Pace, 81 Dribbling, 37 Defending, 71 Physical.

Bayern Munich pair James Rodriguez and Thomas Müller share third place with 86 ratings for the Colombian and German internationals. Fifa 18 Comfort Trade coins.James’ strengths in the game come from his triple-threat of 85 Shooting, 85 Passing and 83 Dribbling. Although Thomas Müller is often seen to have no stand-out attributes on the pitch that are visible when on the ball, his rankings of 93 Positioning, 92 Reactions as well as 87 Finishing prove he is the right man to have going forward in your team.

Here is the Top 10 list:

1 . Robert Lewandowski - 91 (ST)

2 . Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang - 88 (ST)

3. James Rodriguez – 86 (CAM)

4. Jones Müller – eighty six (CF)

5. Emil Forsberg – 83 (CAM)

6. Shinji Kagawa – 83 (CAM)

7. Timo Werner – 82 (ST)

8. Max Kruse – 82 (ST)

9. Raffael - 82 (CF)

10. Mario Gomez – 82 (ST)



The likes of Ederson, Gianluigi Donnarumma and Jordan Pickford have upset the status quo in proving that goalkeepers can be up generally there with the world’s best early on in their professions. You may not have the budget to go for any big stars, but there’s still plenty of high potential bargain goalkeepers out there who won’t destroy your move budget.

How to choose the best cheap high possible players in FIFA 18 Career Mode

We’re looking at the best cheap high possible goalkeepers on FIFA 18’s Career Mode. These are players who else all have the possible to hit at least 80 on the game, but can be bought for under £5 million. They can start as squad players but grow into your number one ‘keeper and perhaps even challenge some of the best in the world.

For a complete list of bargain goalkeepers, look at the table at the end of this page.

Advantages of cheap high potential players

In signing these types of players, you are preserving yourself a huge amount of money. If you were to buy fut 18 coins these goalkeepers in their peak, you could be looking at a fee of as much as £55 million. By buying all of them so early in their career, you can be saving up to £50 million. You do have a greater responsibility over their own future though, therefore be sure to give them the game-time they need and they should be your go-to players in training.

Christian Fruchtl (OVR 65 - CONTAINER 86)

Just how many talented German goalkeepers are there? Following on from Manuel Neuer, Bernd Leno, Marc-Andre ter Stegen as well as Timo Horn is Bayern Munich kid Christian Fruchtl. The 17-year-old is however to make his expert debut for Bayern, but with Neuer’s understudy Sven Ulreich not performing, Fruchtl might be thrust into the limelight.

His 65 overall on FIFA eighteen means he is quite serious in goal, together with his potential of 86 he’s got the talent to be one of the world’s best. Along with 68 GK reflexes, 68 GK diving and 66 GK kicking you may want to give him some training before throwing Fruchtl in the starting line-up. For £2. three million and £6, 000 a week income, you can’t really fail in signing the young ‘keeper.

Mile Svilar (OVR 63 - POT 83)

Mile Svilar lately became the most youthful ever goalkeeper in the Champions League, but after a shaky overall performance against Manchester Usa, he’s still less than ready to make the step-up to senior level. The 17-year-old has progressed up with the Belgium youth groups, and made a large move from Anderlecht to Benfica last summer.

With an 83 potential, Svilar would be a great player to sign and perhaps perform in the early units of cup contests. His 63 overall rating consists of 71 jumping, 63 GK diving and 63 GK kicking, as well as it’ll take just £1. 6 million to sign him. After his summer time move you will need to hold off until January, to will find his current wages are just £880 a week.

Gaetan Poussin (OVR 62 - POT 83)

Bordeaux’s Gaetan Poussin is yet to make a senior appearance for the golf club, but he has increased up the ranks with regard to France’s youth groups. The 18-year-old has played at every age group from U16s to U19s for Les Bleus, but he can need to be patient in Bordeaux with Benoit Costil (OVR 82) the undisputed first choice and other younger, talented ‘keepers at the club.

Poussin sixty two overall and 83 potential make him a great understudy at the club, but be sure you use him frequently in training. Their 64 GK reflexes, 64 GK diving and 62 GK positioning can be yours for just £1. 5 million. You will only need £2, 000 a week for the teenager’s income.

Francis Uzoho (OVR 66 - CONTAINER 82)

Simply known as Francis in Spain, Francis Uzoho has only made his debut for Deportivo Los angeles Coruna. The 18-year-old was the second most youthful player to function in La Liga this season, and his job is now to defend against the threat from established goalkeepers Costel Pantilimon and Przemysław Tytoń in the Deportivo squad.

Uzoho will only set you back £2. 6 million on career mode, with just £2, 000 needed for his weekly income. With 70 GK kicking, 68 GK handling and 67 GK positioning, Uzoho can be reliable whenever called upon, with his 66 overall rating as well as 82 potential.

Sonny Laiton (OV 60 - POT 82)

Yet to play expert football is Auxerre goalkeeper Sonny Laiton. The France U17 international has started training with Auxerre’s senior team, therefore he may get his chance in the 2nd half of the season.

Oddly, Laiton’s best stats are his 72 jumping, 71 strength and 67 reactions - none of the five goalkeeping stats. Those skills help to make up his 60 overall, with his possible a promising 82. Given his low overall, you will need just £908, 000 to match his release clause, together with his wages only £880 a week.

Anton Mitryushkin (OVR 69 - POT 82)

Someone that is no stranger to professional football is Anton Mitryushkin. The 21-year-old is the first choice for Europe side Sion, along with over 62 performances for the club. The ‘keeper has progressed up to the Russian U21 side, and who else knows, maybe a senior call-up beckons for your World Cup in 2018.

With a 69 overall rating, you ought to have no worries in placing Mitryushkin on the bench, and maybe throw him in-between the sticks in your less important fixtures. His 72 GK reflexes, 71 GK diving as well as 69 GK positioning means he can become trusted to complete for your side, particularly with his 82 possible. You are looking at a £3. 1 million release clause for the goalie, with his wages only £5, 000 a week.

Bingourou Kamara (OVR 70 - CONTAINER 81)

Bingourou Kamara has made the step-up to Ligue one this season, after flattering over three years in Ligue 2 . The 21-year-old moved from Tours to Strasbourg last summer, and it has gone straight into Thierry Laurey’s line-up.

Right after his recent shift, you will need to wait until January to get hold of Kamara, with his release clause at £4. 6 million. Their weekly wages of £8, 000 may look steep, but considering his seventy overall and 81 potential, it’s a reasonable price. With fifa ultimate Team 18 coins 73 GK reflexes, seventy GK diving as well as 68 GK handling, you could take the risk and put Kamara directly into your side.

Agustin Rossi (OVR 69 - POT 81)

Another first team regular, Agustin Rossi is the number one with regard to Boca Juniors. The Argentina U20 worldwide moved in February 2017 from Estudiantes and helped his new club win the league in his first season.

Rossi, 21, has a 69 overall on the game, with his potential allowing him to reach 81. His 72 reactions, 72 GK positioning and 71 strength will cost you only £2. 2 million, together with is £6, 000 a week wages.

Axel Werner (OVR 69 - POT 81)

Axel Werner had been on loan in Boca Juniors last season, but this individual needs to wait with patience for his first appearance at Atletico. With Jan Oblak (OVR 88) as well as Miguel Angel Moya (OVR 82) in front on him in the pecking order, it looks to be a long wait.

The Argentine Werner will cost £3 million for you to sign, with his wages of £12, 000 a week making him a small gamble. With 78 GK diving, 77 strength and 74 GK diving this individual clearly has the resources, especially with his 69 overall able to strike his 81 possible.

Sondre Loveseth Rossbach (OVR 68 - POT 81)

In the age of 21, Odds goalkeeper Sondre Loveseth Rossbach already has three seasons of regular football under his belt. Few this with 24 caps for Norwegian U21s and the kid already has lots of experience, which could make him a attractive buy for a larger European club.

Having a 68 overall as well as 81 potential, Rossbach can grow with the stature of your golf club or be a capable understudy. His seventy GK reflexes, seventy jumping and 69 GK diving make him a steady option, especially with a £2. 3 million move fee and only £2, 000 a week needed for his weekly wage.


Barcelona's footballers will join corus in creating a worldwide competition.

Company with "eFootball. Pro" founded and chaired the barca defender Gerard pique,buy fifa 18 coins, and Japanese companies konami video game has already reached to create the internationalization of e-sports football, this agreement will be broadcast on a global scale.

In a filing, eFootball. Pro revealed that it would use a coalition to help "electronic soccer professionalism" with the Konami "e-sports" competitors. "The goal is to turn traditional football into a king of sports, to turn electronic football into e-sports, " Gerard pick up commented.

Barcelona players said: "we want to unite the two sides and bring a whole new kind of entertainment to the public so that they can be passionate from day one. "

The game will be played in the world of the video series, cheap fut 18 coins,which will be broadcast worldwide.

"The only position in e-sports, eFootball. Pro, combined with his strong leadership on the football field, will enable us to provide the public with a new way to enjoy our products. We are pleased to say: "Konami digital entertainment, director associated with siki hakava.



EA Sports released Gloria Street Competitors on FIFA eighteen, a series of unique development challenge competitions which focus on 25 participants vying for countrywide teams. On this web page, we explain all you need to know and how functions.

FIFA 18 banner fleet (FUT 18) - glory street (glory road)

The following is all about the new "road of glory", fifa 18 coins,"the path of glory"

From November ten, in a limited period, the 25 people vying for a put in place their respective country wide teams will act as special projects on the path to glory. In this time of year, every player will attempt to get the most benefits, which will be automatically up-to-date after the weekly group, match man, leading man or grand tarifs.



With three new ICONS in Premium, it's time to be interested in getting their solution. So we started with France's first idol, Emmanuel petit.

For this icon, complete eight challenges.

Solution to get the best version of Emmanuel Succinct

Small - an icon

Player - icon: exactly 1,

Collective agreement:fifa 18 coins  minimum 3,

Number of players in the team: 1 .

Bonus: gold player bonus kit

FC Barcelona

Players -- Barcelona football club:

Team score: at least 81,

Group agreement: minimal 95,

Number of gamers in the team: 10.



The latest EA sports champion update brings the entire campus.

The good news for FIFA 18 and Chilean university fans is that the non-professional club will be licensed on Thursday, 9 November.

This is a vote through students through their social networks,buy fut 18 coins, through specific humor styles, and he notes that local players have no real names.

"Leave: candel, input: Johnny herrera starts tomorrow and you can enjoy the full list of U in FIFA 18. We will have a lot of surprises upon Tuesday, 14 Nov.



Afterwards FIFA 18 "the last update have been used for a long time within the PC, and APP sports finally launched the updated system. Fifa 18 Comfort Trade coins.While we're composing an updated version from the Xbox One, all of us don't think the Playstation four will change at this point. The actual Xbox One's up-date weight is second . 3 gigabit.

This particular game is up-to-date with many new features, also for the faces as well as hair we screen here.



Like franchising every year, the PAURA games offered by TOOL sports do not usually change materially.

Possibly some modifications are created here and there, fifa 18 coins,and sometimes these kinds of changes are installed just as a glorious upgrade.

This is not the case by using FIFA 18. Especially, there was in earlier versions of apparent improvement, which has becasue it is primary task, to help implement the new cold graphics engine and also capture the real gamers when the possibility to supply beauty.

The objective of this version is apparent and specific, changing all previous angles and improvements, to get boundaries of the game's most dynamic digital soccer experience.

Within FIFA only within improving jugadore protective stance in the 20 S, and is not really automatically scan exactly like before, and on how to cope with the attack period, feel more gorgeous because of the game with the center of the music group, and leads to particular goals.

Where there is a far more important is about the introduction of positioning, is probably the the majority of characteristic elements of often the football match, due to the fact in this version and also the precision and clearness of regulation, require about distance through competitors. So they can participate the game strategy, not only "luxury. "

Maintain polishing design function characterization of FIFA's legend, it is the "most beautiful" football, I am afraid that originates from working on the menus to implement all these graphics of the sport in the process of the image, and also the improvement connected with simplified dynamic activity.

One of the most obvious advancements in this section may be the ability to make fast substitutions without having to enter in the menu and shed more time than having to switch to a player with 11 who is hanging around.

This element is actually achieved by applying automatic changes, whereby the player should quickly be advised to change a more tired individual or a person having a physical discomfort. Additionally they give us the possibility that will plan substitutes, specially in improving the skills for young people who cannot perform throughout the gameplay. All of this obviously assists the process of the game to not interrupt too much since we are used to losing time on the menu.

However, there are no changes to the problems that possess persisted.Fifa 18 Player Auction coins. Whether it's moving the ball, directing the ball to some player, making it simple for the opponent towards intercept the basketball, and selecting the exact active player, the very referee's number of photos is less than that of the gamer. True, omit severe errors or cost others who must not be charged.

But in addition to improvements, FIFA 16 is no doubt position at the intersection about alex hunt, that has improved the entire foundation in his new version and has promised the 2017 version in the game. This new single-player campaign is set up as the best aspects of this team, the massive difference, and the capability to transcend become a staff or a player right from the start grow the experience of associated with a coach.

Started the story of a workforce in England, this type has an attractive tale, make alex personality problem, but its energy in the game with them in neuro-scientific opponents, fans prior to the squad reports the opportunity of a reception or even facts put clothing on the road. The a record of the game focuses on what goes on outside and what occurs inside.

In order to achieve the main goal, to revise stories change along with defined career utilizing multiple path ahead multiple challenges, abilities allow unlock beauty improvement itself simultaneously (tattoos, garments, footballing shoes), rather than with regard to real money in return.

Most of all, history changes not just through interviews, discussions with other players, with agents or specialists, but directly within the competition. At the start on the game, when you decide so that you can tempt yourself along with real's invitation, whenever alex gets the soccer ball, their job would be to play a game. Each one of these little details enhance the experience.

The "journey" is definitely a game for your FIFA 18, that has emerged from this kind of game over the past more than 20 years. But there is also a concentrate on FIFA's ultimate party, their different profession paths allowed for variety, online possibilities, as well as the PRO golf club options.

The game unit is so extensive there is not much room for everyone who is has ever enjoyed such a game.

FIFA 18 is a great basketball match,buy fut 18 coins, although the discussion will always be necessary to obtain the updates of these beauty. If previous brand new graphics engines happen to be verified, this year's FIFA will make numerous improvements to warrant the investment, particularly the "journey" style.

The rest, if someone experienced tried this famous game over the past 10 years and saw the evolution, people realized exactly what was going on.



FIFA 18 has a new patch - and it is a hefty one.

Title Update 3, which brings FIFA 18 up to edition 1 . 04, nerfs ground passes as well as ground through golf balls.

Most FIFA 18 players agree the passing in FIFA 18 is particularly efficient. I've found the game favours fast one-touch moving, with even mediocre players able to drill down accurate passes into the feet of teammates from seemingly impossible angles. (More with this in my FIFA 18 review. )

Right now, though, this kind of pinball-style passing should be much less effective, with a patch that makes ground passes less accurate based on their angle in accordance with the passer.

In a nutshell, your pass might struggle to hit its target if it's aimed between 90 as well as 270 degrees, where zero degrees is the direction the player is actually facing. The biggest impact will be felt when the pass angle is actually between 140 as well as 220 degrees. Earlier impressions from players indicate the patch has had the desired effect, and it's now better to try to aim passes in the general direction the passer is actually facing, which is a bit more like real life.

Here's the patch note on gameplay:

§ Made ground passes and ground through passes less efficient when blindly moving the ball between 90 and 270 degrees, where 0 degrees is the direction the player is dealing with.

§ The most significant impact will be seen when the pass angle is actually fifa ultimate Team 18 coins between 140 as well as 220 degrees.

§ The impact scales when the pass position is between ninety (least impact) as well as 139 degrees as well as between 221 as well as 270 (least impact) degrees.

§ The actual passes impacted by this change will see: decreased ball speed, decreased accuracy.

There's much more to the patch. EA's had another take a look at goalkeepers again to make them more robust:

§ The goalkeeper occasionally parrying the ball into his own goal.

§ The goalkeeper diving too early on downward header as well as volley shots.

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